Getting Reviews on Kindle Direct Publishing [Part 1]: Direct Links

Having trouble getting reviews on your book after publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are lots of different techniques for getting more reviews. Some are difficult and require advance planning (such as building a mailing list). Other methods, meanwhile, can be applied easily and have a strong impact on your review rate. We’ll cover a variety of different techniques in this multi-part series on Getting Reviews on Kindle Direct Publishing.

Why do reviews matter?

Reviews are crucial for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they affect how your book ranks on Amazon. When users search for “ABC Book”, are you first, last, or somewhere in between? The likelihood is it’ll be somewhere in between. The most important factor to ranking, of course is sales (and momentum of said sales). Other factors include personalization (whether your product is relevant for that user) and page content. Reviews also play an important role. Review count as well as review score contribute, which means your goal is to collect as many reviews as possible and do what you can for those reviews to be generally good (which starts, of course, with writing a good book!).

Direct links to improve conversion

A “direct link” gives your users direct access to the review submission form that they can fill out to give you a review. Instead of providing them your store page, make sure buyers have access directly to the review form. Here’s how to get it done:

1. Locate your book’s ASIN code under “Product details” in the product page.

2. Insert the ASIN code in the following URL:

3. Share the link with buyers to give them easy access to your review form.

By providing your users with direct access to your book’s review form, you’re reducing the hassle they have to go through to write a review. This will make it more likely for your buyers to leave you a review.